Save time, stay organized and increase your audience by using Saga Swell’s guest blogging, social media management, editorial calendar and idea book. All under one roof.

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Plan Your Content Easier

Editorial Calendar

View all of your past and current content on a month by month basis. See your social media channel posts alongside your articles. Effortlessly review your entire content marketing campaign and identify the areas you need to improve with the first editorial calendar of it’s kind.

Idea Book

Brainstorm with Idea Book. Keep all of your future articles, posts, and anything in between in the same spot and easily transition them into an article or post. Brainstorming with Saga Swell is about your brain, not a pen and pad.

No Limits

Schedule an unlimited number of posts to be published from your Saga Swell membership account

Produce Your Content Faster

Editorial Calendar Mini-Form

Rapidly schedule an entire month. With just two clicks and a title, you’ve got a new post scheduled.

Easy and Simple Editing

With the simple what you see is what you get editor (WYSIWYG), dive into the details of your content with an editor intended for writers and bloggers.

All Your Content Contained

Look on one calendar to see the entire gambit of your content, from Twitter to your article posts.

Promote Your Content Effortlessly

One Login For Your Social Media Promotions

Execute all of your social media accounts under one roof. You no longer have to log into each one separately.

Maximize Your Reach Anytime

Once you’ve written and scheduled your content, Saga Swell automatically publishes it for you no matter where you are at.

Find Partners

Collaborate and guest blog with other like-minded bloggers focused on high quality and making amazing content.

Save time with Saga Swell’s Unique Profile

A fast way to find others interested in partnering

Let Others Know Where You Stand

Build out your personal profile on Saga Swell to let others know if you are interested in partnering. Identify your topic area and indicate whether you'd like to share your expertise on other blogs/sites or if you are a looking for expert content from others. You can always select both!

Want your content on other sites?

Search for guest writing opportunities to share your content and expertise. Saga Swell’s profile lets you know what types of content other blogs and sites are looking for, with topics and even working titles.

Want others’ content on your site?

Find a list of writers and experts who can help provide valuable content in areas where you may not be the bees knees.

Want an easy content command center you can take anywhere?

The Secret Weapon Top Online Marketers & Small Businesses Are Using To Create Their Content Fast

6 Reasons To Start Using Saga Swell

  • Unlimited Number Of Posts

  • Visually See Your Content

  • Discover Partners

  • Idea Book: Streamline Your Brainstorming

  • Improve Engagement

  • Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts